Wednesday, 5 December 2012

My therapist

So I've had a new therapist for about a month, maybe a bit list.

That is written past tense. During our last session she informed me that there were some major issues I needed to work out, before she could continue working with me.

Fuck you, isn't your job a a therapist to work with me and help me? Not to tell me to work my shit out then get back to her.

Maybe this is what it means when they say therapists need to be a good fit. I am beyond confused right now, but really I'm just pissed off about it more so than anything else.

Yup, I just can not fathom how all of a sudden you look at your client and say I can't help you. I've looked at it from a lot of different view points, I've reframed it... And the only reframing I can think is to get me some coping skills to conquer the situation I'm in. That makes sense!

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